The best wearable heating system on the market – together with strong clothing brands.

Inuheat is an innovative Swedish company who focuses on developing wearable heating systems which can be easily integrated in clothing. Our business strategy is to associate with leading clothing brands who implement our technology in their clothes.

With a consolidated team of 12 engineers, developers and sales experts, our aim is to become the global standard in wearable heating technologies. Available wearable heating systems face multiple limitations, mainly the need for costly adaptations of manufacturing lines, a high price and low comfort, durability and efficiency. In 2016, Inuheat started the commercialisation of the Inuheat Wearable Heating Platform (IWHP), an innovative wearable heating system with advanced features allowing an easy implementation into standard clothing manufacturing equipment.

The next step for Inuheat is the product line MaxHeat – which will give the end users tailor-made heat, comfort and experiences beyond the usual.

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